Harnessing the scientific potential of linked, administrative data to inform children’s programs and policies.

Making Smarter Use of Data Together

The Children’s Data Network is a data and research collaborative focused on the linkage and analysis of administrative records. In partnership with public agencies, philanthropic funders, and community stakeholders, we seek to generate knowledge and advance evidence-rich policies that will improve the health, safety, and well-being of our children.
Each person in the world creates a Book of Life. This Book starts with birth and ends with death. Its pages are made up of the records of the principal events in life. Record linkage is the name given to the process of assembling the pages of this Book...
Halbert L. Dunn, 1946

A Data and Research Collaborative

The Children’s Data Network receives essential infrastructure funding from First 5 LA and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, with additional project support from other philanthropic and public partners.

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Predictive Risk Modeling Convening

Predictive Risk Modeling Convening

The CDN hosted the second leg of a transnational meeting that gathered representatives from multiple universities and agencies to discuss, in an informal setting, all things Predictive Risk Modeling. On our days to host, November 16th – 17th, we found ourselves with more than 40 people in the room, and attendees included collaborating state and county partners. Not only was this meeting a rare opportunity to brainstorm next steps with unique mix of academics and public sector leaders, it facilitated the creation of a community around PRM and its potential applications in human services. It was a wonderful meeting of the minds; everyone left enriched by the connections and discussion.

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