Connecting the Dots:
Snapshots of Child Well-Being in Los Angeles County

Connecting the Dots

Stories and data can help connect the dots – revealing new insights and understandings of children and their families.

Connecting the Dots, an informational resource coordinated by the Children’s Data Network and funded by First 5 LA, is a cross-sector partnership committed to making data and research more accessible to those engaged in the development of public policy and the delivery of programs for children and families.

Connecting the Dots uses visualization tools coupled with local expert insights to create narrated and contextualized snapshots of data. Intended as a re-imagined “Los Angeles Children’s Scorecard,” the hope is that these data will not only spark discussion, but will also help identify and inform promising new pathways for strengthening Los Angeles County’s children and families.

Our Latest Project

Helping Los Angeles County Chart a Course Toward Universal and Targeted Home Visiting

This year, the CDN leveraged birth and child protection data to inform the LA County Board of Supervisors motion, Strengthening Home Visiting in Los Angeles County: A Plan to Improve Child, Family, and Community Well-Being. This motion is helping to chart a course toward universal and targeted home visiting, where home visiting is offered to every mother giving birth countywide, and families at highest risk of adverse outcomes are prioritized for more intensive services.

Building Blocks

Connecting the Dots is designed to focus attention on where we stand today and where we need to go in order to improve futures for LA’s children, families and communities.

Exploring Local Data

Public and private agencies collect lots of data, but information is too often examined independently of other sources and grouped into such large geographies that local insights are lost. Snapshots present community focused data and stories.

Data Visualization

Visuals enable decision-makers to more quickly make connections and identify solutions. Snapshots feature charts, infographics, and other data visualizations that allow stakeholders to more easily consume data across multiple (often discrete) sources.

Encouraging Partnership

Data can provide an important foundation for well-coordinated services for children and their families. Snapshots focus on emerging information and data gathered from research efforts, as well as community agencies working directly with children and families across Los Angeles.

Evolving Conversations

The ongoing release of snapshots will build upon knowledge and insights generated through earlier data stories. While each snapshot will feature an initial set of data and local sources, we look forward to incorporating new visualizations, new data, and new stories as this effort and local conversations evolve.

Previous Snapshots

Each snapshot is developed in collaboration with key experts who are collectively developing the data, doing the work, and helping people understand how the pieces of the puzzle can fit better to link children, families, and communities. These experts and their contributions are highlighted at the conclusion of each story.
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