CDN Executive Director Presents to Legislative Staff about Children’s Data

Owing to her knowledge about the landscape of data about children in California and experience with data integration and visualization initiatives, Dr. Regan Foust was invited to serve as a panelist at a recent California Policy Collaborative event. She and her esteemed co-panelists, Dr. Martha Dominguez, Deputy Director of the Program Innovation and Evaluation Division at First 5 California and Jacqueline Barocio, Fiscal and Policy Analyst at the Legislative Analyst’s Office, discussed the demographics, health, and well-being of California’s young child population with staff from various offices in the California State legislature. Dr. Foust’s remarks highlighted what we do and do not know about young children given the state of available data, and what we hope to know soon as emerging initiatives, such as the Agency-wide CalHHS Record Reconciliations, Cradle-to-Career (C2C) Data System, and Early Childhood Integrated Data System, progress.

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