Paving the Road to Safety for Our Children: Los Angeles County’s Prevention Plan Two Years In…

Two years ago, the Los Angeles County Office of Child Protection (OCP) released a report entitled Paving the Road to Safety for Our Children: A Prevention Plan for Los Angeles County. The report was OCP’s “blueprint for partnering with the Los Angeles region’s diverse communities to coordinate and expand existing prevention-focused networks to further strengthen families, prevent child maltreatment, and reduce unnecessary burdens on the child welfare system.” We were proud to collaborate with the Department and First 5 LA to help achieve goals outlined in the original report. The OCP released a report Paving the Road to Safety for Our Children: Los Angeles County’s Prevention Plan: Two Years In… that detailed activities and developments that have been accomplished. We supported efforts including: (1) the identification and mapping of over 500 prevention-related networks; (2) the creation of an initial set of countywide prevention metrics that measure the County’s efforts to support strong children, families, and communities;  (3) the development of plans to create a universal home-visiting system; and 4) conducting a comprehensive fiscal analysis of early care and education programs across the county. We look forward to supporting the OCP, County Departments and community partners in work to strengthen families and protect children.

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