Our Team

At the Children’s Data Network, our team consists of people who enjoy work as both “poets and plumbers”. We possess a shared vision of advancing the science of children’s services through a more rigorous use of existing data. Yet vision requires action and implementation. We are committed to the development of the relationships and infrastructure needed to realize the potential of data to improve outcomes for children.


E. Putnam-Hornstein

J. McCroskey

R. Foust

J. Hoonhout

S. Deshmukh

S. Cuccaro-Alamin

B. Needell

M. Mitchell

I. Hammond

Fellows & Students

J. Prindle

A. Lane Eastman

L. Palmer

L. Noyola

R. Badlani

G. Kolhatkar


M. Courtney

M. Finno-Velasquez

J. Hook

M. Hurlburt

B. King

H. Lee

J. Magruder

A. Owens

J. Schneiderman

D. Traube

D. Webster

C. Wildeman


C. Altmayer

H. Amaro

R. Basurto-Dávila

J. Brekke

J. Kim

A. Krackov

J. Landsverk

S. Wenzel

S. Whaley

C. Wold

Discovery consists of seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one has thought.

— Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, 1937