Dually-Involved Youth: Investigating Intersections Between the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems in Los Angeles County


The goal of this project is to develop new knowledge about dual-system youth in Los Angeles County by onboarding, linking, and analyzing probation records (under the authority of the LA County Probation Department) and child protection records (under the authority of the California Department of Social Services). It would build upon and extend our recent dual-system youth analysis by linking the entire population of probation youth (not just a sample of youth exiting probation placements) to the entire population of youth with a history of child welfare involvement. Linking the entire population of probation youth to child protection records would help us better characterize dual-system youth (i.e., youth concurrently or non-concurrently involved in the probation and child protection systems), understand their pathways into dual-involvement, and identify factors associated with recidivism and permanency.

Overview of Findings

Analysis in Progress.



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