Characterizing Births Using Linked Records for Orange County, California


A growing number of resources are being directed towards early intervention activities at or shortly after birth in an effort to support families and improve children’s health, safety, and well-being outcomes. Very little population-level data exist, however, from which the profile of mothers/infants served through these programs can be contextualized relative to others who do not receive services. Unknown is whether available services reach those mothers/infants at highest risk of a later adverse outcome (e.g., maltreatment) – or if early intervention services tend to be directed to lower risk individuals who may be easier to engage – but were never really at risk of the outcome being studied.

This project will use linked administrative records to provide a more complete characterization of births in Orange County, California. Specifically, vital birth record data capturing all births in Orange County between 2010-2015 will be linked to records from both the Bridges Maternal Child Health Network and statewide child protection records. These data will be used for largely descriptive purposes in order to provide the Commission with a better understanding of children identified and assessed through Bridges.

Overview of Findings

Analysis in Progress.



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