Generating New Knowledge

At the Children’s Data Network, we use integrated administrative data to develop applied and actionable research projects, support cost-effective program evaluations, and attend to policy-relevant questions from partner agencies and other stakeholders. The project pages below provide an overview of some of our initial efforts which have focused on the health and safety of children in Los Angeles County and throughout California.

CHHS Record Reconciliation and Research Data Hub

Assessing Children’s Risk Using Administrative Records: A Proof of Concept Predictive Risk Modeling (PRM) Project

Exploring Resilience Among Vulnerable Students in California

Developing the California Strong Start Index to Inform and Monitor Program Investments and Policy Development for Children and Families in California

Leveraging Hospital Records to Examine Child Maltreatment Risk

Exploring Methods to Estimate the Community Incidence of Child Maltreatment

Better Characterizing Home Visiting Clients: A Proof-of-Concept Data Matching Project

At the Intersection of Two Systems: Child Welfare and Early Care and Education in Los Angeles County

Characterizing Births Using Linked Records for Orange County, California

Helping Los Angeles County Chart a Course Toward Universal and Targeted Home Visiting

Dually-Involved Youth: Investigating Intersections Between the Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems in Los Angeles County

Prenatal Substance Exposure Diagnosed at Birth and Infant Involvement with Child Protective Services

Birth Cohort Study of Asian and Pacific Islander Children Reported for Abuse or Neglect by Maternal Nativity and Ethnic Origin

Prenatal Substance Exposure and Reporting of Child Maltreatment, by Race and Ethnicity

Disparities in Reported and Substantiated Infant Maltreatment By Maternal Hispanic Origin And Nativity: A Birth Cohort Study

Maternal Mental Health Disorders and Reports to Child Protective Services: A Birth Cohort Study

Crossover Youth: Los Angeles County Probation Youth With Previous Referrals to Child Protective Services

Child and Community Level Asset-focused Geospatial Modelling

Neighborhood Resource Network Randomized Controlled Trial

A Descriptive Analysis of the Maltreatment Histories of Youth and Young Adults Arrested

An Analysis of Children's Characteristics and Service Trajectories Using Linked Medi-Cal Data

Child Protection Involvement Among Homeless Families Accessing Services from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA)

Child Welfare Involvement Among Children in Subsidized Early Care and Education Programs

An Examination of Maternal Incarceration

Child Protective Services (CPS) Involvement among Children of Mothers in Foster Care

The Characteristics of Children Accessing Early Intervention Services

Child Protection Involvement Among Homeless Young Adults in San Francisco County

A Latent Class Analysis of Infants Reported for Maltreatment

California’s Extension of Foster Care through Age 21: An Opportunity for Pregnancy Prevention and Parenting Support

Infants Remaining at Home after an Allegation of Maltreatment: A Five-Year Analysis of California and Los Angeles County Data

Transition Age Youth and the Child Protection System: Demographic and Case Characteristics

Cumulative Risk of Child Protective Service Involvement before Age 5: A Population-Based Examination

Scan of Early Intervention Services and Data in Southern California

California's Most Vulnerable Parents: When Maltreated Children have Children

Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods Collaborative: Understanding and Preventing Family Violence and Child Maltreatment

Population-based, Birth Cohort Studies of Child Deaths Before Age 5

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